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PowerTool - Premium Prestashop theme!

This document covers the installation and provides answers to common problems and issues - I encourage you to read this document thoroughly if you are experiencing any difficulties. You can always find the latest version of this documentation by this URL

Getting started

To install this theme you must have a working version of Prestashop already installed. For detailed information how to install the Prestashop platform, please see the Prestashop Wiki -



Automatic installation of the template

If you want to install this theme automatically, please use native “Import/export a theme” module. Do the following steps:

  1. Extract the downloaded archive.
  2. Login to your back-office and go to Modules page
  3. Search "Import/export a theme" module with the search bar.
  4. Install uploaded module (if it is not installed)

  5. Go to the configure of module "Import/export a theme"

  6. Select archive from extracted folder "theme", and click “Next” button

  7. On this step you will get information about installed theme. Click “Next” button

  8. On this step you will get information about theme installation status. Please mark all items (modules) and click “Next” button
  9. Next step will inform you about modules installation status, and images settings update. Click “Finish” button
  10. Go to "Preferences" → "Images". Find "Regenerate thumbnails" button and click it.

Congratulations! You have installed your new theme! To check it out, go to the front- end of your online shop and take a look at it!

Manual installation of the template

If you want to install this theme manually, you have to do the following steps:

  1. Download and extract it locally.
  2. Upload the entire "theme/ptool" from extracted archive to the “/themes” directory on your server.
  3. Login to your back-office and go to “Preferences” → “Themes”.
  4. Select "PowerTool" theme in the "Theme appearance" section below
  5. Click "Save" button
  6. Upload the “/modules” folder content to the “/modules” directory on your server.
  7. Install each uploaded modules in the back office. How to work with Prestashop modules please read here

Congratulations! You have installed your new theme! To check it out, go to the front-end of your online shop and take a look at it!

Configuring images

The dimensions of the images are adapted to the design of this theme. We advise you to set the image dimensions according to the following screenshot:
To configure product image dimensions open Prestashop admin panel, go to Preferences > Images. In some cases after image dimensions have been changed you need to regenerate images. This can be done by using the Regenerate thumbnails section.

Theme Customization

You can change a background, normal text and headings colors, logo and normal text font. More than 500 google fonts are available on the module settings. You can allow your visitors to change the shop style. The settings of each user are stored in browser cookies and displayed to him only. The customization made by you in the back office will be displayed for all visitors.

So, if you decide to customize your theme, you should go to the settings of the "Theme settings" module, or just click the "Theme Settings" icon in the homepage of your back office

General Settings

General settings allow you to manage global settings of your store.

  1. You can show or hide settings panel on your front page.
  2. You can use two variants of main layout - "Left column + Center column" or "Center column + Right column".
  3. You can either use or not use the button which allows you to scroll up to the top of the current page.
  4. Tooltips on a website are small things which can play a big role in website design. This is a nice looking tooltip that appears when you mouseover a tooltip handle. You can use this one or default browser tooltip.


  1. This section allows you to set custom background color to your website. You can also use custom background color with patterns. Patterns have opacity about 10%, so you can get an excellent custom background.
  2. If you want to use your own background image just upload it in this section. Once you have uploaded a background image you can't use patterns.

You have 2 variants how to use logo - as a text or as an image. If you use your logo as a text, you can type the name of your shop in the field "Shop name". You can also add a slogan, if you have it.

You can customize your text logo by changing the size, color and font. All changes can be seen right away in the live preview below.


You can change the view of theme's button. Pick a color of a button and text. You can also change button's view for "hover" state. And, of course, you can choose the font of button's text.


You can change styles of headings, normal text and links.

Product Listing

You can choose the view of the category page.

  1. Show the category page as a grid or a list view
  2. Choose between 3 or 4 products per row

Custom CSS styles

You can put into this field your custom CSS styles.

Additional modules

The list of modules:

Nivo Slider

Is a fancy responsive slider, a dynamic way to show off your products and promotions. User friendly, highly customizable and fancy!
You can add a title, description and url of a slider. The image below shows where you can find the back office settings of your slider. URL is a link to the page that will be available by clicking on the slide.

At the image below you can see extended settings of a slider. Hover your cursor over the red exclamation mark to see the description of setting.

The same settings have other two modules - "Top Minic Slider (Promokit Edition)v3.0" at the top of page and "Advertising Minic Slider (Promokit Edition)v3.0" at the column.

Social Login

Social Login: Let Users Sign Up with Their Existing Accounts. Your potential users will no longer leave your site due to registration fatigue. With LoginRadius social login solution, you can eliminate typical registration form with username/password system and let your users log in with their existing social account from Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and over 20 more!

Click to "Set up my FREE Account" button to start to use this amazing service.

Product Slider

This module allows you to show in the smooth layered slider any product you want. Each element of a slide like image, title, description, price and button, is animated as different layer.
You just need to select products that you want to display. Look at the settings of the slider. Click on the category to get a list of products, and then click at the product to select it to your slider.

Product Video

Use Video to Introduce Your Products to the World. Just copy the code of the video from youtube and paste it to the "video" section at the product settings in your back office.

Isotop Filter

Isotope allows you to mix all types of products like specials, featured and new, in one section. You just need to specify the number of products you want to see at the homepage.

Facebook Like

This module allows you to show your facebook fans. Just put the name of your facebook page.

Add logo on footer

Show what payment systems you use in your shop. Just mark the logos you need.

Block Share

This module allows users to share, save, and bookmark your products with their favorite social sites including Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon, and many other services.

Recent Twitt

Show the latest tweets from your twitter feed. Twitter requires authentication (oauth) to get the feed list, so you need to get API keys. Learn how to get them from the video in the module settings.

Youtube Video

Show the promo video of your company, featured product, services, sales, etc... at the home page. Just grab the code of the video and paste it to the module settings.

Manufacturers Carousel

Show the carousel of your shop manufacturers. This will allow your customers to see the products of their favorite manufacturer easier.

Order of the modules